Trauma/Critical Illness Cover

In the event a family member is diagnosed with a critical illness or traumatic event, it is also important to have a financial buffer which allows both options and the best chance of survival and recovery. This can come in the form of a back-up such as trauma cover. A person diagnosed with one of the serious conditions (eg. cancer, stroke, heart attack) potentially has a 50% chance of surviving 10 years or more. Not having a financial plan in place could be financially devastating for you and your family.

Trauma cover pays a lump-sum in the event a family member is diagnosed with up to 40+ specific conditions such as: cancer, stroke, heart disease or a major accident or illness.

The cash injection is designed to give you the best chance of survival and recovery in this event and given to you to distribute wherever you see appropriate.

Trauma benefit can provide funds to cover expense such as alternative medical treatment, sick and well-spouse’s income, household modifications, child-care, reducing debt etc.

Who should have Trauma insurance?

Anyone with a mortgage or debt, with dependents reliant on their income, or anyone without private health insurance.


One in five men and one in seven women between the ages of 30 and 64 will suffer a critical illness.


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