How we work with you

We all insure our home, cars and contents, and all those replaceable items in life, so why wouldn’t we insure ourselves – our most valuable asset?

This is the question us laid-back “she’ll be right” kiwis must consider. Being one of the developed world’s most under-insured countries we need to catch up to our mates abroad and become realistic that life can take a pretty quick spin these days should a loved one suffer a serious illness, injury or pass away without having a financial back-up plan in place.

Assuming you have seen one of our fantastic mortgage advisers and secured the funding for your first home, re-financing to better terms or acquiring a business opportunity.

It is imperative now that you secure your family and loved ones from the debt and liabilities with the various insurance benefits on offer.

At The Home Loan Shop we are able to offer the following products across the personal and business risk market:

Life Insurance, Income and Mortgage Payment Protection, Redundancy Cover, Trauma/Critical Illness, Total and Permanent Disablement and Private Health Insurance. 

It is also just as important to review your existing insurance and at The Home Loan Shop we offer a free obligation risk assessment.

  • People’s circumstances are always changing eg. the kids have left home or you have paid your home loan off. So you actually may not need as much cover as you are currently paying for. 
  • Insurance products are always evolving and getting better as companies are vying for new business, so this makes it important to review your existing cover to make sure you are getting the best benefits at the most competitive premiums. 

Interested? Let’s start the process which can be as simple as one meeting…..


Step 1. Initial Meeting

If you have previously dealt with a Home Loan Shop mortgage expert a lot of the work is already done, however the process is just as easy for those who walk straight in the door!

In our first discussion we will gather a small amount of information and discuss in detail all the benefits available to you. Here you will get a great understanding of how you can financially cover yourself and your loved ones in the event that something drastic happens, which is potentially going to put a financial burden on the household.

You may also find from this discussion where you would like to place the most priority over the various benefits available to you.

Step 2. Options & Choice

After analysing your options and main priorities we may have a basic understanding of which insurance companies will be the best fit for you. Allowing you time to make a well-educated decision, you will be presented with a variety of quotes to consider which are flexible and can be amended on request to suit your desired needs and budget.

Step 3. Selecting the right cover

At The Home Loan Shop we are very realistic in terms of household budgets so we will work closely together to determine your highest priorities of cover across the range of benefits.  We can help guide you through this process but leave you in total control of the decision making process to get yourselves and the family financially protected.

Step 4. Insured 

Once you are comfortable you have made an educated decision we will finalise the process in submitting an application. We can do this online or in a final meeting, so whichever is more convenient for you.

Our assistance does not end once your insurance is in place and you are insured.

From then on we will be your primary contact for anything related to the policy whether it is assisting with a claim, an annual review of your circumstances or a general policy enquiry.


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