Cost of buying a house

Purchasing your own home is an exciting but fairly expensive decision. Before buying your house it is highly recommended to know the costs. This way you know what to expect and can be more prepared for the expenses.

Keep in mind that buying a house is not cheap. You will easily spend another couple of thousand dollars on other requirements you’ll need during the process. Take into consideration the following estimated costs of a:

  • Lawyer ($800-$2,000)
  • LIM Report ($250-$300)
  • Property Valuation – RVR ($550-$750)
  • Building Inspection ($600-$800)
  • Moving company ($800-$1,200, if you complete your own packing)
  • Low equity premium/margin for over 80% lending (POA with your HLS expert)

Through The Home Loan Shop there is a good chance we will negotiate some cash towards these costs to you from one of the major banks as part of your pricing package.

If you want to know more specific costs please touch base with us. In addition the ‘What will my repayments be’ calculator will help you get a good understanding of the cost of your home loan (and how to vary according to your situation).


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