Buying your next home

Whether your old home is already bursting at the seams or you simply want change, the task of buying your next home can be as daunting as when you bought your first home.

Do you remember what it was like running around, trying to organise your finances and negotiating with a lender? What about the process of finding a valuer, building inspector, lawyer and setting meetings with them to make sure that everything will run smoothly?

The good news is, The Home Loan Shop will gladly help you make your home purchase a breeze!

At The Home Loan Shop, we assist home buyers from start to finish. We will help you get pre-approval, set meetings with valuers, inspectors and lawyers on your behalf as well as do all the paper work for you!

Our team of experts will also discuss other matters that you may need to consider, such as:

  • Deciding whether to sell your existing property before you look for a new one.
  • Looking into bridging finance – how it works and the costs.
  • Turning your current home into an investment property.


With the help of The Home Loan Shop, buying your next home is made much easier! All you need to do is to schedule a meeting with us so we can discuss things further with you.


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